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Atype - Craft Typography

Continuing our focus on featuring craft projects we bring to you “Atype” - a beautiful project that mixes typography and paper craft. The project was done by Lobulo Design, a designer with more than 10 years experience in working for various graphic design and marketing studios in Barcelona.

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I was watching Pokémon: Indigo League on Netflix and the Pokédex called Kakuna a “transitional Pokémon”

and then suddenly this happened

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Leaks http://wp.me/s4jNn7-leaks

I woke up from a coma, it only lasted three days but still a coma. I had lots of flowers around me. I felt bruised and checked my face. I was fat. I felt fat. I pulled off the bed sheets as quick as I could, though it took a while as I was obviously bruised. I was fatter. It was disgusting. I had gained like 5 stone, it was horrible. I screamed and doctors came in. They told me I was in shock and…

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♡ Lovely Vintage Clothing // Clearance & Sales // 10% OFF Orders $30+ with Code: YOUREMYFAVORITE ♡


Lovely Vintage Clothing // Clearance & Sales // 10% OFF Orders $30+ with Code: YOUREMYFAVORITE

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"Intersection 3" by Yoni Alter (UK)

Numbered Art Print by @curioos from $39

> http://www.curioos.com/shop/product/Intersection-3

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Magic http://wp.me/s4jNn7-magic

I love magic. I’ve loved it since I was little. I loved watching the magic shows that used to accompany the children’s shows back when I was about 8. I used to learn the card tricks and practice them on my mum who was a bit biased but supportive of what I…

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Doctor http://wp.me/s4jNn7-doctor

I once knew a man who saved my life. He was a brain surgeon fixing a tumour on my brain. I had to go in twice. The first time they got most of the tumour out and thought they had it all but after I kept having seizures a few months down the line, I had to…

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Rain http://wp.me/s4jNn7-rain

It was a hot summers day in June and I remember bathing in the sun in my back garden. My boyfriend, at the time, had just brought me some delicious orange juice, and maybe a bit of vodka in it too. Anyway, I was having a lovely day when all of a sudden I…

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Hidden http://wp.me/s4jNn7-hidden

Remember when Jude told you about his car crash where the him and Jacob ignited their powers. Well that crash also kickstarted my power, except I was still wearing my seatbelt so I didn’t get flung out of the car when we were hit. I didn’t become…

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Peace http://wp.me/s4jNn7-peace

I don’t remember much of my origin story, I don’t remember much anymore. My power has completely drained me, but I’ll tell you as much as I can.

I was at work. An office job, nothing special, quite boring to be perfectly honest. A dull day at work, with…

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